About us


Kanoa Strength Gym is a gym where you will have an amazing workout, but it also offers you the one-on-one attention you need to work out safely. Kanoa strives to create the best workouts possible, and the people he has trained over the last 10+ years can attest to his attention to detail.

In Kanoa’s own words: My mission is to guide and teach you how to care for your body properly so that you can achieve your personal goals. Whether these goals include improving your appearance, maintaining your health, maximizing your performance, or some combination of these, we are here to help you achieve your objective. Together, we will safely build a foundation of healthy and efficient movement patterns that utilize your body weight as well as loaded external objects such as barbells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Using this method, we will efficiently increase both movement complexity and exercise intensity to optimize your results. I have carefully designed my S&C program so that it strikes the perfect balance between performance, health, aesthetics, and longevity by integrating sound nutritional advice and smart training with a motivational group setting and first-class coaches. This may sound technical, but it’s not. It’s just safe, effective, and FUN!

With scientifically supported methods as the base of our program, you will observe that much of our time together will be devoted to working on practical strength and conditioning exercises designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. I incorporate classic barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell exercises, fun tasks using a variety of fitness toys, body weight movements, and cardio routines into every workout to create a fun, challenging, and goal-oriented experience. I am constantly evolving my training methods and expanding my knowledge to ensure that you progress as quickly and safely as possible.