Randy Choate

I have been a college/professional athlete for over 20 years and I have NEVER enjoyed working out until I started working out with Kanoa at Las Vegas Strength and Conditioning.
I really like the atmosphere of the gym, the people that work out there, and the way that Kanoa runs his work outs. The workouts for the week are always on the board so I know what to expect each day, and Kanoa always makes it challenging but is continually encouraging and engaging with proper guidance. He never lets me slack but knows my limitations as well. In the month and a half that I went to daily workouts, I saw a big change in how I felt and in my strength.
When I got to Spring Training in Florida this year everybody could see a change and was impressed with what I had been doing to prepare for my season. I feel better, I look in shape, and this has given me the confidence needed to be in top form for my upcoming season. 03/13/2015
Randy Choate - Relief Pitcher - St Louis Cardinals

Brett Slade

Matt Bingham

I was out of the gym for 5 months, eating bad, and making excuses to why I couldn't go. When I was going I would do the boring bodybuilder workouts that in the end had no real goal. When I first visited LVSC I was out of shape looking for a new environment to train. I wanted to find a gym that not only focused on personal goals but had more of a community feel unlike the commercial gyms. I weighed 225lb and 30% body fat. One session with Kanoa and I was hooked. I love the programming and look forward to every Sunday when he posts next weeks workouts. After training for 4 months here I've cut my body fat in half and added a ton of muscle. I'm currently weighing around 208lb which is about 17lb weight loss since I started. I continue to get stronger every week and have never been this strong and athletic in my life!


"When I met Kanoa, I came to him, 5'2 and 160lbs, tired, depressed, overweight and at a complete loss on how to get my life and nutrition back on track. Just the idea of walking into the gym sent me into a panic..and don't even get me started on group fitness! I would have rather crawled into a hole....with a tub of Ben & Jerrys, of course. Kanoa Montgomery is like no one you have ever met before. He listens, affirms your situation, and adjusts to your needs, goals, and provides a realistic and healthy road to get you there. His practical approach to fitness, is cool, laid back, humorous, encouraging, firm, thorough and educational. His background and schooling, backed by his own clean living, gives him a firm foundation to not only lead by example but all the who's, what, when's and why's to all your fitness questions. I worked with Kanoa a year a half, and I credit him with saving my life. I lost 35 pounds on his program. He not only kicked my butt into the best shape I've ever been in, but also provided me the tools to make a lifestyle change. Over that year and a half, Kanoa guided me in breaking down my stubbornness to look past the scale and its numbers, and my anxiousness towards the gym-showing me first hand that everyone there is all striving for one goal. I encourage anyone looking for a change to join Kanoa Mongomery and his team, work hard, and listen, and Kanoa can get you anywhere you want to be."


"In 2013 I was introduced to Kanoa and strength training for the first time in my life & I immediately became hooked! I was never much of a gym person and definitely did not consider myself strong. I now have muscles in places I never thought possible. I am doing pull-ups, push-ups, Olympic lifts (all unassisted) thanks to the time and training Kanoa has given me. If ever I didn't, or don't fully understand how to do something, Kanoa takes the time to properly explain & show me & he is always looking out for my best interests.
Before I started training with Kanoa all I ever wanted was to be thin. But now that I am able to fully appreciate muscle growth & the way a woman's body actually can become with proper training, I cannot wait to see where I'll be in the future!"

Will Vargas

"I have been working with the lead trainer, Kanoa, for about 2 months and I really couldn't be more satisfied. I (as well as most people) had a resistance toward the "Crossfit" style gym. It seemed a bit extreme. But after I approached Kanoa one day out of curiosity he really explained that it's not Crossfit, it's Strength and Conditioning. I took a chance with the program and realized that he puts safety and form above all and closely monitors what you are doing when he coaches you. He takes the necessary precautions yet he manages to push you to your limit without breaking you. I have existing injuries that I thought would prohibit me from doing certain exercises and his knowledge and expertise have allowed me to adapt to every exercise during our workouts. More than anything I am a results oriented guy and I have increased strength by over 20% in every exercise and I feel great. If you want to get in the best shape of your life you owe it to yourself to give LVSC a shot."

Samson Le

"Before I started with Kanoa I was the heaviest I had ever been after being unemployed for about one year. My wife could not convince me to workout with her and I was extremely skeptical about going to this class she was taking with Kanoa. After much complaining I finally gave in. I was sold after one class.
Kanoa made me feel comfortable & took the time to really explain everything we were doing. After just one class I knew I had to go back for more. I started out at 200lbs and am now at 160lbs. I am in the best shape of my life and owe it mainly to Kanoa!!"

Laila And Eugene

Laila's Testimonial:

I’ve always been in a gym environment since a young girl. I thought I knew what I was doing while working out and eating healthy but it was all wrong. I met Kanoa a few years back and he has not only taught me his knowledge of strength and conditioning techniques but also about the importance of eating nutrient dense foods. After these life changes were made, the results were amazing, and especially since I had just had my second baby!!!
What I really respect most about Kanoa – other than being a top rate coach and someone whom I have a lot of respect for – is that he’s constantly learning and open to learning from other people. He’s always observing, listening to others, and improving his profession, not to mention...pushing me to my very last limit!!! .

Eugene's testimonial:

I've been going to a traditional gym all my life. I was burnt out and bored and results were very slow and inconsistent. I've tried personal training for a while and that was extremely boring and expensive.
Couple years back is when I met Kanoa. His program is constantly changing to allow my body to not get stagnant. Results are very impressive. I can safely say that in the 15 years I have been attending the "conventional" gym, I have never seen more results. Especially considering, a one hour class with Kanoa compared to hours at a regular gym!
The best part yet, going to LVSC is something I look forward to during my day instead of dragging my feet to even get to the gym. Kanoa's classes are filled with good energy, great people and a lot fun with great music (DJ Tan)!!!


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