Our mission at Kanoa Strength Gym is to inspire, educate, and improve the lives of your employees through an all encompassing fitness and nutrition program that will reflect in their positive attitude and contribution to not only their work, but their lives in general.

What we offer:

  • On-Site Training

  • We come to you to further reduce any obstacles employees may have.

  • Off-Site Training

  • We host you in our large, clean and state of the art gym.

  • Team Building Events

  • We take employees through team building activities at different locations.

Why Corporate Wellness?

In today's economic market every company needs to capitalize on the productivity of their staff. If you have employees that are unhealthy and unhappy motivating your employees can seem like a daunting task and it is costing your company valuable time, money, and resources.

Employees that are healthy and happy become increasingly more valuable with decreased absenteeism, higher productivity, and good morale. CrossFit Scottsdale's Corporate Wellness programs are the answer to making your company a healthier, happier and more productive place. Our all-encompassing strength and conditioning program includes many different variables and options to bring fitness, nutrition, and education to your company. Our staff of certified and expert coaches will help anyone who is committed see tremendous results.

Why Kanoa Strength Gym?

  • We have a proven track record of success and 10+ years of testimonies to attest.

  • We have the facility to support any corporate objective.

  • We have an experienced and highly-trained, full-time coaching staff. 

  • We have the programs to support any fitness level from beginners to advanced athletes.

  • We can track all performance and body composition metrics from Day 1.

  • We are able to provide full nutritional support and counsel.

  • We can host your company at our facility or send coaches to your facility.

  • We can arrange for fun, team building events outside of a 'normal' gym experience..